Sports Event Management: Edify Sports

Edify Sports was established in the year 2016 as a sports event management company also we are a sports cycling event management agency to cater to the burgeoning sports industry and athletes demanding speed and accuracy to establish new performance standards. We work with professional athletes and venues to create unforgettable sporting experiences for spectators and the players themselves. We’re a team of event management professionals that can turn your dream into a reality. With us, you will achieve guaranteed success.

We have specialized in sports cycling races, cyclothon timing technologies, for the athletic races, marathons, triathlons among others.

Why US as Best Cycling Event Organizing Agency

As one of the best cycling event organizing agency, Edify Sports arrange all your needs required in traveling with your bike, so that you can enjoy your amazing challenge. We offer services like planning, managing, and executing cycling events for corporates and companies.

Best Cyclothon Event Organizing Company: Edify Sports

Edify sports is a unique cyclothon event organizing company set-up to arrange this event for those who are willing to cycle country wide. We are specialists in organizing corporate cycling event to remember. We provide an opportunity for people to get together and enjoy the experience of cycling with their co-workers, friends and family. Being one of the leading Cyclothon Event Organizing company, our mission is to create unforgettable experiences for cyclists, as well as those who love them, by organizing challenging cycling events and providing high-quality service.


    As a unique cyclothon event organizing company, we always try our best to design each our cycling tours in such a way so that we can offer you the best. The route on which you will start your cycling is always having the good road surface where there is less chance of getting punctures and also you will see the most beautiful landscapes and scenery.


    Edify Sports has been organizing cycling events for over 6 years and is now one of the most well-known cycling event organizers in the industry. As one of the leading cycling and cyclothon event organizing company, we take care that we deliver the best services. When organizing a sport cycle event, our event managers keep in mind the main factors which influence the experience of people attending this event. We provide 24*7 assistance you need so that you can enjoy your event without any worries. We are a well-known event organizing company who provides an opportunity for people to become healthier, happier, and stay active.


    • Increased cardiovascular fitness
    • Increased muscle strength and flexibility
    • Improved joint mobility
    • Decreased stress levels
    • Improved posture and coordination
    • Strengthened bones
    • Decreased body fat levels
    • Prevention or management of disease
    • Reduced anxiety and depression


    Edify Sports is all about finding your own pace and your own group of people who ride at the same speed as you. We always try our best to make your journey more challenging and may involve large hills and mountains.

    Trusted as the India’s leading cycling event organizing agency

    Edify Sports provides peace of mind with unparalleled service standards. We offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs assuring you that by joining us you will find the full satisfaction and peace of mind.